Getting advice

The African Language Program offers students many channels of getting advice on choosing African languages to study.

The language program encourages students to study any language spoken in their country or region of interest. The program offers many opportunities for getting advice on choosing a language or region of interest. Students who are not sure of what language to take are encouraged to shop as many language courses as they can in order to get a better idea about the languages.

Director and Staff

The Director of the African Language Program, Prof. John Mugane, is linguist with great knowledge and experience in African languages. Prof. Mugane welcomes all students interested in Africa and its languages to visit his office and discuss their interests and opportunities in the language program. Students may also consult the Program Coordinator for more information.

Open House

The ALP Open House is a great opportunity to learn more about the language program through informal interaction with ALP faculty and staff who are always eager to describe and discuss language courses. Students are invited to attend the Open House which is held every semester just before shopping period begins for enjoyable snacks and refreshing conversations about African languages.

Language Websites

Students interested in a particular African language are also encouraged to visit the language's website within ALP. Each Language in the program has a website within the ALP website dedicated to discussions and other activities for the language's course sections. The language websites offer a great resource to learn more about a language through its courses and to interact with other students and instructors: ALP Language Websites. The language websites are relatively young and students are encouraged to participate in their discussions to help grow them into a rich resource for all interested in the languages.