Language Requests

Students interested in taking new language courses that are not currently offered may do so by submitting online language requests to the language program.

All Harvard undergraduates and graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) can petition for a language course.

For a language course request to be fulfilled, at least one Harvard College or GSAS student must be enrolled. Students from all other Harvard schools and MIT undergraduates are then welcome to enroll in the language course.

The African Language Program offers language courses upon student request. The program has offered more than 35 different languages since inception. More than 15 diverse languages are offered every semester based on student interest.

As a result of great student interest reflected in the diversity of language courses offered, the program has developed unique experience and expertise in offering large numbers of diverse language courses. Consequently, the program is able to fulfill student requests for new language courses, especially if the language has been previously offered.

Languages that have been previously offered in the language program
This list may not include languages offered very recently.
Amharic Oromo
Bamanakan Oshikwanyama
Cameroonian Pidgin Pulaar
Cape Verdean Creole Rutooro
Chichewa Sesotho
Dinka Setswana
Egyptian Arabic Shona
Egyptian Hieroglyphs Sierra Leonean Krio
Gikuyu Somali
Haitian Creole Sudanese Arabic
Hausa Swahili
Ibibio Tigrinya
Igbo Twi
Kamba Wolof
Kikongo Xhosa
Kinyarwanda Yoruba
Luganda Zulu




Jamaican Patois