Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports are an invaluable tool in the African Language Program. They are an opportunity for students to communicate personal progress in their African language course to the Director of the African Language Program. Weekly Report submissions are confidential information to the ALP Director giving the student an opportunity for candid assessment of progress in their language course.

Student responses from the weekly reports are used by the Director to effect important changes in the African language courses on a weekly and monthly schedule. To maintain high integrity and effectiveness of the weekly reports, student responses are not accessible by teachers and course instructors; the information in the weekly reports is relayed by the director to the teachers in a manner that ensures confidentiality and protects student privacy.

Weekly Report Requirements

Weekly reports are an essential part of language learning and hence are a requirement for every student enrolled in a course offered through the African Language Program. The number and quality of weekly reports submitted affect a student's final grade in the course.

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A Sample Weekly Report

The online report form through which students submit their reports is designed to encompass the most important aspects of a student's active language learning experience. This sample Weekly Report submission illustrates the objectives of the ALP weekly reports system.

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How to submit weekly reports

Weekly reports are submitted in the language website of the course. To submit a report, go to the language website of your course within ALP and navigate to the Weekly Reports section.

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